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Jonathan Gold Leaving L.A. Weekly for L.A. Times

Pulitzer Prize-winning restaurant critic Jonathan Gold is leaving the L.A. Weekly for the Los Angeles Times. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  02-21-2012  11:49 am  |  Industry News

Alt-Weekly Food Writers Unite for 'Feel-Good Panel' at AFJ Conference

Seattle Weekly food critic Hanna Raskin led a panel of alt-weekly scribes at the Association of Food Journalists' conference last week in Charleston. In addition, several alt-weekly food writers took home awards at the conference. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  10-12-2011  1:31 pm  |  Industry News

Alt-Weekly Food Writers Invited to AFJ Conference in Charleston, S.C.

Seattle Weekly food critic Hanna Raskin will be leading a panel of alt-weekly scribes at the Association of Food Journalists' annual conference in Charleston, S.C -- and you're invited. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  07-14-2011  3:47 pm  |  Industry News

2011 James Beard Award Winners Announced

Three alt-weekly food writers — and one alt-weekly videographer — were named winners of the 2011 James Beard Foundation Awards on Friday night. (FULL STORY)
The James Beard Foundation  |  05-10-2011  6:31 pm  |  Honors & Achievements

LA Weekly's Jonathan Gold is a 2011 Pulitzer Prize Finalist

When the Pulitzer Prize winners and finalists were announced today, there was a familiar alt-weekly name on the list: LA Weekly's Jonathan Gold was one of two finalists for criticism, a category Gold won in 2007. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  04-18-2011  6:11 pm  |  Industry News

Several Alt-Weekly Writers Are James Beard Finalistsnew

Alt-Weekly writers are well-represented in the list of finalists for the 2011 James Beard Foundation Awards. Winners will be announced on May 6.
James Beard Foundation  |  03-21-2011  5:25 pm  |  Honors & Achievements

Three Alt-Weekly Writers Pick Up James Beard Awardsnew

Writers from the Chicago Reader, L.A. Weekly and Westword all took home top prizes at this year's James Beard Foundation Journalism Awards, which recognize excellence in food writing. The Reader's Cliff Doerksen won in the Newspaper Feature Writing category for his feature on mince pie, and Westword's Jared Jacang Maher came out on top in the Newspaper Feature Writing About Restaurants and/or Chefs category for his piece on the pay-what-you-want SAME Cafe. Meanwhile, the Weekly's Pulitzer-winning food critic Jonathan Gold added another awards notch to his belt with a win in the Craig Claiborne Distinguished Restaurant Reviews category.
James Beard Foundation  |  05-03-2010  1:56 pm  |  Honors & Achievements

Alt-Weeklies Nominated for a Number of James Beard Awardsnew

As usual, AAN members are well-represented in the list of finalists for the 2010 James Beard Foundation Journalism Awards, which recognize excellence in food writing. The L.A. Weekly's Jonathan Gold and Westword's Jason Sheehan (who is now at Seattle Weekly) are both nominated for the Craig Claiborne Distinguished Restaurant Reviews, and Gold is also a finalist in the Writing on Spirits, Wine or Beer category. Elsewhere, the Newspaper Feature Writing category is comprised only of AAN members, with two Chicago Reader pieces and one from the Village Voice vying for the top prize. Westword nabs another finalist in the Newspaper Feature Writing About Restaurants and/or Chefs, where it is joined as a finalist by Washington City Paper. And last, but certainly not least, the Houston Press is a finalist in the Multimedia Food Feature category. Winners will be announced on May 2.
James Beard Foundation  |  03-23-2010  10:24 am  |  Industry News

Jonathan Gold Finally Joins Staff of L.A. Weeklynew

Gold, who has won a Pulitzer Prize for his work at the Weekly, had always been a freelancer for the paper -- until now. He's now on staff, where he'll continue writing his columns and also beging contributing to Squid Ink, the Weekly's food blog.
LA Observed  |  01-07-2010  8:37 am  |  Industry News

New Yorker: Jonathan Gold is 'High-Low Priest of the L.A. Food Scene'new

This week's New Yorker has a profile of the Pulitzer-winning L.A. Weekly food critic that has reportedly been "almost a year in the making." While the full article is available only to subscribers, here's an interesting tidbit from an abstract on the magazine's website: "To Gold's readers, his reviews have the ontological status that the New York Times has for people interested in current events: he doesn't write about it because it is, it is because he's written about it."
The New Yorker | LA Observed  |  11-03-2009  11:30 am  |  Industry News

Will the New York Times' Next Food Critic Come from an Alt-Weekly?new

When the Times announced this week that it was moving food critic Frank Bruni to a new assignment writing for the Times Magazine, foodies immediately began speculating as to whom the paper would replace him with. The Associated Press says LA Weekly's Pulitzer-winning critic Jonathan Gold is one of the "obvious contenders," while Eater has him as a "dark horse," with 250-1 odds. Eater also pegs Village Voice critic Robert Sietsema an "underdog," giving him 1000-1 odds. Meanwhile, the Times staffer who will lead the search says she hasn't started thinking about who will be named for what the AP calls "what's widely considered the most important restaurant critic job in the country."
The Associated Press | Eater  |  05-15-2009  9:41 am  |  Industry News

Three Alt-Weekly Writers Nominated for James Beard Awardsnew

AAN members are once again well-represented in the list of nominees for this year's James Beard Foundation Awards for Journalism. The finalists: L.A. Weekly's Pulitzer-prize winning critic Jonathan Gold in the Restaurant Reviews; Kristen Hinman of Riverfront Times in Newspaper Feature Writing Without Recipes; and the Chicago Reader's Mike Sula in Multimedia Food Journalism. Winners will be announced at a May 4 gala in New York.
The James Beard Foundation  |  03-24-2009  8:40 am  |  Honors & Achievements

Jonathan Gold's Bro Asks: What About Food's Environmental Impact?new

Mark Gold is executive director of Heal the Bay, a Southern California environmental nonprofit, which can lead to some interesting exchanges with his brother, LA Weekly's Pulitzer-winning food writer. "I am already anticipating the nasty glare I will inevitably get from my marine-scientist brother," J. Gold wrote recently in a report on eating whale in Korea, "[who] has dedicated his life to pretty much the opposite of this." On his blog, M. Gold wonders: "If only Jonathan focused on sustainable seafood for a year, imagine the positive impact he'd have on local restaurants and the dietary choices of the food obsessed." But the food writer (who recently signed on for a column at Gourmet) gets the last word (thus far) in his brother's blog comments. "I stress the local-sustainable-organic trope in my columns almost to the point of self-ridicule," he writes, "and I would as soon amputate a toe as buy meat or fish from a supermarket."
LA Observed  |  10-29-2008  9:27 am  |  Industry News

Jonathan Gold: Pulitzer-Winner ... and High-School Bully Victimnew

"Every high school has its nerdy soft kid who brings his cello to class, and that would have been me," the L.A. Weekly food critic tells This American Life's Ira Glass. He talks about one particular bully who picked on him quite a bit: "In my most notable instance, I was walking down the hall to history class, and he hip-checked me ... I went sailing down the stairs with my cello," Gold says. "He was laughing about it with his friends. I suspect he forgot about it five minutes later. I didn't." Years later, Gold says he felt vindicated when that same bully -- Jack Abramoff -- became a criminal felon, his corruption case splashed on front pages across the country. "It's just beautiful; it's more than I could have wished for," he says. "Who wouldn't feel satisfied that he was getting his comeuppance?" An Abramoff spokesman denies the incident: "Mr. Abramhoff does not know Mr. Gold and he has no idea why Mr. Gold would fabricate such a story."
This American Life  |  10-03-2007  8:44 am  |  Industry News

Jonathan Gold On Childhood, Snoop Dogg, and L.A. Cuisinenew

The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles  |  07-13-2007  12:58 pm  |  Industry News