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Ex-Village Voice Film Critic On His Departure and the State of Criticismnew

"In some sense, getting fired from the Voice was maybe the best thing to happen in my career," Nathan Lee tells Rotten Tomatoes. "Before I wrote for the Voice, a certain number of people were familiar with my work ... But I think having been able to write at the Voice for about a year and a half, I got to show a lot of people what I could really do. Because you can write at length and it's very unfettered; you can sort of say whatever you want, and I did." He says he's been fielding a lot of freelance offers since he was dismissed in March. When asked about the nationwide trend of the "disappearing critic," Lee doesn't mince words. "I mean, it's really sad that all these film critics are losing their jobs, but I think most film criticism is terrible. And not useful. And frankly, really boring."
Rotten Tomatoes  |  04-25-2008  3:13 pm  |  Industry News

The Village Voice Gets Colorful This Spring

The Village Voice Press Release  |  04-21-2008  10:47 am  |  Press Releases

The 53rd Annual Village Voice Obie Awards Set for May 19

Presenters Include: Neil Patrick Harris, Bradley Whitford, S. Epatha Merkerson, Bill Camp, Elizabeth Marvel, Julie White (FULL STORY)
The Village Voice Press Release  |  04-17-2008  10:11 am  |  Press Releases

Jules Feiffer's Early Village Voice Comics Collected in New Booknew

The Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist's Explainers: The Complete Village Voice Strips 1956-66 is set to be released by Fantagraphics in June. The book, the first of four volumes collecting Feiffer's entire run of weekly strips from the Voice, features a lengthy introduction and interview with Feiffer by Fantagraphics publisher Gary Groth. The "world premiere book release reading and signing" is scheduled for Thursday, May 15, at 7 pm at the Strand bookstore in New York. In other Jules Feiffer news, last week he published a new political cartoon in the Voice for the first time in more than a decade.
Fantagraphics  |  04-09-2008  9:55 am  |  Industry News

The Village Voice Has Three 'Deadline Club Award' Finalistsnew

The Voice has finalists in three categories in the annual awards handed out by the Society for Professional Journalists' New York City chapter: Tom Robbins in beat reporting, Rob Harvilla in arts reporting, and Chloe A. Hillard in minority focus, which includes "coverage of a particular minority community, or of an issue with particular impact on such a community, that has import to the community at large." Winners will be announced May 15.
Society for Professional Journalists  |  04-01-2008  8:53 am  |  Honors & Achievements

Dance Critic Amanda Smith Diesnew

Smith, who wrote about dance for the Boston Phoenix, the Village Voice, and many other publications, has died, the Voice reports. A memorial will be held at a date to be determined in May.
The Village Voice  |  03-26-2008  11:35 am  |  Industry News

Alt-Weekly Projects Win IRE Awardsnew

Miami New Times' Isaiah Thompson was awarded a IRE certificate in the local circulation weeklies category for his stories on how residency restrictions forced sex offenders to live under a Miami bridge. In the same category, the AAN-commissioned "Who Killed Brad Will?" was a finalist, along with Peter Byrne's series on Sen. Dianne Feinstein in the North Bay Bohemian and Wayne Barrett's reporting on Rudy Giuliani in the Village Voice. The Texas Observer's reporting on sexual abuse at a state-run youth prison and the cover-up that followed it was also a finalist, in the Magazine/specialty publication category. The Chauncey Bailey Project, which the San Francisco Bay Guardian took part in, was awarded this year's Tom Renner Award, which honors "outstanding reporting covering organized crime or other criminal acts."
Investigative Reporters and Editors  |  03-26-2008  8:57 am  |  Honors & Achievements

Village Voice Food Critic on Anonymity and 'Iron Chef'new

"It's actually rather easy to go unrecognized as a critic," says Robert Sietsema, who's been eating and writing for the Voice for 15 years. "Most critics want to be recognized since they love having restaurateurs kiss their ass and bring them free food. The Voice pays for what I eat, so I don't need any free food." The critic talks to Gothamist in advance of the Voice's first-ever Choice Eats tasting event tonight in New York, which features some of Sietsema's favorites. They also ask him about the response to his recent much-talked-about story on "how bogus" the popular TV show Iron Chef is. Sietsema says "the funniest responses came from crybaby Iron Chef judges ... it was like poking a hornet's nest, and I'd do it again in a second."
Gothamist  |  03-11-2008  3:48 pm  |  Industry News

Village Voice Critic Curates Film Seriesnew

To celebrate his 30th anniversary at the Village Voice, the Brooklyn Academy of Music asked J. Hoberman to select films that have sparked some of his most stimulating reviews and articles, as well as a few personal favorites, in a series that begins next week. "30 Years of J. Hoberman" opens Monday with David Lynch's Eraserhead and runs through April 3. In an interview with Gothamist, Hoberman talks about the state of the film world, and reflects on his roots in the 1970s avant-garde film scene. When asked if he'd ever want to step behind the camera again, Hoberman says he's not sure. "I still have some ideas for things I was never able to realize twenty odd years ago but I don't know that I have the necessary desire," he says. "It's tough to make avant-garde films. You have to really will this stuff into the world."
Gothamist  |  03-06-2008  10:08 am  |  Honors & Achievements

Michael Musto Channels Lindsay Lohan Channeling Marilyn Monroenew

Last month, New York magazine ran a photo series of Lindsay Lohan recreating Marilyn Monroe's legendary series known as "The Last Sitting," which were taken six weeks before Monroe's death in 1962. Now Village Voice columnist Michael Musto is getting in on the act with a cover story and photo spread of his own. "Anxious to share my desperate man-tits with an audience beyond Chelsea, I gleefully agreed to star in an homage to an homage: Musto as Lohan as Marilyn," he writes. The New York Post notes that Musto "is both hairer and more modest than Lohan" and reports that the Voice columnist's pre-shoot regimen was only slightly different than Lohan's. "Lindsay did 250 crunches the night before her shooting," Musto says. "Well, I did 250 Nestle's Crunches."
The Village Voice | The New York Post  |  03-05-2008  10:06 am  |  Industry News

Michael Musto On Being 'The Mario Cuomo of Gossip Columnists'new

The Village Voice columnist talks with Seema Kalia for her regular Huffington Post column, "My Favorite Mistake." For the most part, Musto says he doesn't have huge career regrets. "I'm very comfortable being the 'alternative weekly guy in the corner' who's attained a nice level of success, but is never going to blow up into the big time," he says. He does go into detail about how he lost a spot in a Amaretto di Saronno ad campaign back in 1987, for submitting a press clipping of himself dressed in a hoop dress. "It wasn't cool to be gay then," Musto says. "Sometimes it still isn't."
The Huffington Post  |  02-22-2008  8:31 am  |  Industry News

Alt-Weeklies: A Boon to the Thrifty?new

"These free periodicals are causing me to fill more time with reading (which has no cost) and less time with watching television or playing a computer game (which costs electricity, cable, internet, etc.)," writes the penny-pinching proprietor of the Are You Rich? blog. (S)he totals the amount of money saved per year by doing so at $5. "It doesn't seem like much, but consider another factor: the local alternative newspaper often has passionate writers and detailed community event listings. I've discovered several free events that I've attended that, without the alternative papers, I would have never been aware of them." That point was echoed in this weekend's New York Times, which had a piece looking at ways that New Yorkers are scaling back spending as they prepare for an economic downturn. One 29-year-old teacher "has reduced her spending ... [by] only buying paper goods on sale, tempering her hair product demands and scouring the Village Voice for local artists playing free concerts."
Are You Rich? Blog | The New York Times  |  01-29-2008  8:56 am  |  Industry News

Amidst Ethics Questions, The Village Voice Parts Ways With Criticnew

Late last week, the art blog Modern Art Notes raised questions about Christian Viveros-Faune's editorial independence, noting that he was involved in organizing two major commercial art fairs at the same time he was the Voice's art critic. The blog argued that he should either resign from the fairs, or the Voice should stop publishing him, and the flap lit up the blogosphere on Friday. On Saturday, Voice editor Tony Ortega explained to readers that, in light of "an appearance of conflict," Viveros-Faune would no longer be writing for the paper.
The Village Voice | Modern Art Notes  |  01-22-2008  8:54 am  |  Industry News