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Four Alt-Weeklies Named Finalists in Food Journalism Awardsnew

The Association of Food Journalists (AFJ) has announced the winners in its 2010 awards competition, and four AAN members are in the mix. Miami New Times has placed in three categories -- Best Newspaper Food Feature (under 200K circ.), Best Newspaper Food Story and Best Newspaper Food Criticism. The Village Voice staff is competing in the Best Newspaper Food Coverage (150-250K circ.) category, while the L.A. Weekly staff is in the running for Best Food Blog. And the Mountain Xpress' Hanna Raskin, who recently decamped to the Dallas Observer, is competing in the Best Newspaper Food Column category. The placement of the winners will be announced at AFJ's annual conference in September.
Association of Food Journalists  |  05-06-2010  1:34 pm  |  Honors & Achievements

Three Young Alt-Weekly Staffers Finalists for 2009 Livingston Awardsnew

The Village Voice's Elizabeth Dwoskin, Jaclyn Galluci of the Long Island Press, and Chris Vogel of the Houston Press are among the finalists for this year's Livingston Awards for Young Journalists, an all-media, general reporting contest that awards three $10,000 prizes for Local, National, and International Reporting to journalists under the age of 35. It's Dwoskin's second nomination in a row; last year's local reporting winner was Phoenix New Times' John Dickerson. Winners will be announced on June 2.
The Livingston Awards for Young Journalists  |  05-03-2010  2:20 pm  |  Honors & Achievements

Newman: Ivylise Simones' Voice Covers Were 'Brash, Graphic, Funny, Provocative, and Immediate'new

The former Village Voice art director (she left in January of this year) is the latest alt-weekly designer spotlighted by Robert Newman on the Society of Publication Designers blog. "She used bold photography and strong original illustration to give the covers a unique sense of power and imagination," he writes, adding that the look she cultivated was informed by "low budgets, [a] quick production schedule, and [her] own street smart design." Simones tells Newman her influences include NYC street art and Village Voice Media design director Michael Shavalier. "His work in the past 10 years for numerous alt-weeklies across the country blew my mind! I feel our craft in editorial design is one of a kind, and he set the bar," she says. "I used to spend hours just looking at his past covers for ideas."
Society of Publication Designers  |  04-20-2010  11:44 am  |  Industry News

Village Voice Theater Critic Named Pulitzer Finalistnew

While he didn't win the top prize, Michael Feingold was one of three Pulitzer finalists this year for criticism. Feingold was recognized by the Pulitzer board for his "engaging, authoritative drama reviews that fuse passion and knowledge as he helps readers understand what makes a play or a performance successful."
The Village Voice  |  04-12-2010  4:34 pm  |  Industry News

Former Village Voice Jazz Critic Mike Zwerin Has Diednew

The New York Times  |  04-05-2010  5:18 pm  |  Industry News

NY Times: Village Voice's Foster Kamer One of Web Gossip's 'Rising Stars'new

"Mr. Kamer may cite The Village Voice's co-founder, Norman Mailer, as a personal inspiration, but online he comes off a bit like a wifi era hybrid of J. J. Hunsecker and H. L. Mencken, delivering missives on the news media, politics and New York culture in an acerbic, knowing tone -- even by Gawker alumni standards -- sometimes at lengths that call to mind Op-Ed essays more than gossip items," the Times writes in a story on nine "rising stars of gossip blogs."
The New York Times  |  04-01-2010  12:15 pm  |  Industry News

Michael Musto: 'In a Way I Was the Original Blogger'new

"Now everyone in the world is a blogger, which means everyone on earth is a gossip columnist," the longtime Village Voice gossip columnist tells The Awl. "I used to compete with maybe five people, now you're competing with like five billion people." He says the increased competition is "kind of fabulous ... It certainly makes me scramble harder to stay relevant, but it also means everyone in the world has a voice."
The Awl  |  03-29-2010  12:28 pm  |  Industry News

Was it Something They Said? Cablevision Pulls IFC Ad from Voicenew

The IFC-owned Independent Film Center, which is owned by Cablevision and Jimmy Dolan, has pulled its $400/week print advertisement from the Village Voice, "following our trenchant commentary on the sale of Gothamist to Rainbow Media, replete with a joke about Mr. Dolan's penis that required the attention of his corporate publicity and legal affairs crews," writes the Voice's Foster Kamer. "In a rare breach of editorial and sales, I'd like to openly apologize to the ad salesperson who closed that account: I'm sorry Jimmy Dolan's penis cost you some commission," Kamer continues. "If you'd like me to write your child's college admission's essay, I'll do it pro-bono. I'd just give you the money, but I've spent the last four days considering Jimmy Dolan's penis. The pay is proportionate."
The Village Voice  |  03-26-2010  8:09 am  |  Industry News

Cablevision Upset Over Village Voice Dick Jokenew

In a Monday post about the rumored purchase of the Gothamist blog network by Cablevision, the Village Voice's Foster Kamer wrote: "Wonder how [Gothamist publisher Jake] Dobkin's gonna feel with Jimmy Dolan's cock in his mouth?" Dolan, the Cablevision CEO, has a reputation as being aggressive and sometimes litigious. That reputation seems to be well-deserved, as his corporate communications team pounced on Kamer's post with multiple emails and a follow-up call to a Voice editor that said Cablevision lawyers were looking into the post to see if it could be considered defamatory. "As a guy who was once named as a defendant in an employee's high-profile (and ultimately successful) sexual harassment lawsuit, Dolan should understand the difference between what one could and could not get away with when discussing things like where one puts one's penis," Kamer shoots back. "And thankfully, there's no law that's going to force us to take Jimmy Dolan's figurative cock out of anyone's mouth. Least of all ours."
The Village Voice  |  03-24-2010  8:58 am  |  Industry News

Armond White Talks 'Greenberg' Snub, Attacks Village Voice Criticnew

White uses most of his space in this week's New York Press review of Greenberg to reflect on the controversy that spilled out last week over his being disinvited from the film's screening. The snub, which was the subject of much chatter among New York film and media types, was allegedly due to White's calling for the mother of Greenberg director Noah Baumbach to have an abortion. As this allegation was debated on the web, Village Voice critic J. Hoberman dug up a copy of the review, which wasn't available online, from the public library and posted it online in a post titled "Proof That Critic Armond White Did Call for Noah Baumbach's Abortion." (By the way, Baumbach's mother, Georgia Brown, was a Voice film critic in the 1980s.) That gesture was not looked upon kindly by White, who contends that Hoberman "deliberately mischaracterized the review," before attacking the longtime Voice critic for "normaliz[ing] the arrogance of class privilege" and calling him "a force behind racist snobbery" and "the scoundrel-czar of contemporary film criticism." MORE: Hoberman responds.
New York Press  |  03-17-2010  6:44 pm  |  Industry News

PEJ: 2009 Was a 'Difficult' Year for Alt-Weekliesnew

In its annual State of the News Media report, the Project for Excellence in Journalism notes that the combined circulation of AAN member papers dropped by nearly 7 percent in 2009, adding to the 5 percent drop in 2008. But the report points out that many small-market papers grew circulation in 2009, and that alts, like other newspapers, are increasingly moving to digital platforms. Village Voice editor Tony Ortega tells PEJ that alt-weeklies are coming out of the downturn in better shape than dailies, due to a more flexible business model and the fact that alts have always been free. "There's no doubt that the economy was just as hard on alternative weeklies as it was on the dailies," he says. "But it's also obvious that some alt-weeklies have come through the tough times in better shape than others."
Project for Excellence in Journalism  |  03-15-2010  10:44 am  |  Industry News

Jules Feiffer Releasing a Memoirnew

Feiffer says Backing Into Forward, to be released Tuesday by Doubleday, is a "cautionary tale" about "getting rejected and slapped in the face by the powers-that-be." The 81-year-old Pulitzer-winning cartoonist, best known for his long tenure at the Village Voice, says "the boy-cartoonist in me ... remains foolishly idealistic as ever." He remembers starting to draw his Voice strip in 1956, a year after the paper was founded, thinking: "The more painful the subject ... the funnier it should look."
USA Today  |  03-12-2010  8:28 am  |  Industry News

Michael Musto Releasing New Booknew

Fork on the Left, Knife in the Back "is the latest zippy collection of columns and essays" from the Village Voice nightlife/gossip columnist, according to press materials. Musto, who is currently celebrating his 25th anniversary at the Voice, talks to Black Book about New York nightlife, social networking and writing a daily column. "Sometimes it's on the days that you have nothing to write about that you do your best work because it forces you to dig inside yourself and come up with some high concept," Musto says. "I come up with good stuff like advice to celebrities, telling them how to get a life, or I'll just do questions and let the readers do the work for me." MORE MUSTO: In a video segment, he talks to Streetsblog about his preferred mode of transportation: his bicycle.
Black Book  |  03-11-2010  9:08 am  |  Industry News