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The Village Voice's 8th Annual Best of NYC Issue Is Out

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Village Voice Revists its Reporting on 9/11 Cancer Linknew

Graham Rayman's cover story last week, "Clearing the Air About 9/11's Toxic Dust and Cancer," doesn't refer directly to last year's Kristen Lombardi story on the same subject, but it "reads nevertheless like an unequivocal attempt at refuting its claims," according to the New York Observer. Lombardi's piece, which won a first-place AltWeekly Award for investigative reporting, stipulated that exposure to the Ground Zero rubble was giving rescue workers cancer, while Rayman's piece argues that research on the topic is murky. The Observer asks editor Tony Ortega, who fired Lombardi in May, if Rayman's story was a way of distancing his Village Voice from the version published under previous editor David Blum. "There was no conscious effort to 'tie' this cover to anything," he says. "New editor, new writer, and a new look at an evolving story. Call it weird if you like." He added: "The piece he wrote does contradict what has been written by other journalists, and what the Voice has written in the past. But that's the nature of journalism -- we're always gathering new evidence and trying to make sense of what we find."
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The Village Voice Playfully Responds to Criticism on Adult Adsnew

When the New York Press was sold to Manhattan Media in early August, the new CEO announced the paper would stop running "explicit" ads. The National Organization for Women and some op-ed writers took that opportunity to put more pressure on the Voice and New York magazine to also stop running the ads. The Voice "fired back by defiantly running eight naked ladies on the cover" a few weeks ago, the New York Observer reports. Editor Tony Ortega tells the Observer that the cheeky cover was his idea. "The subject of our adult ads has been brought up lately in the local press," Ortega says. "I thought the best response from the newsroom was to poke some fun at ourselves." Manhattan Media CEO Tom Allon tells the Observer that, while he thinks "the punchline was only clear to a small sliver of their readership," he's glad to have stirred up the attention. "Clearly it was a nod to us and to our decision," he says. "I was flattered that they thought that a decision we made warranted a Voice cover."
The New York Observer  |  09-04-2007  10:01 am  |  Industry News

New York Press Hires Former Village Voice Editor David Blumnew

Manhattan Media has named Blum editor-in-chief of New York Press as well as editorial director of the company's community newspaper group, the New York Times reports. When he starts the job Sept. 5, Blum's first task "will be to compete more vigorously with The Voice," where he served as editor for six months ending this March. "I want to make The Press as fresh and unpredictable as possible," he says. "I tried to do that at The Village Voice, but I didn't have enough time at The Voice to achieve the goals that I had at the paper. But here I will." In his interview with the Times, Blum also takes the opportunity to take a shot at his new competition and former employer for its out-of-town ownership. "I am excited to be working with a publisher and an owner who lives in New York, who knows the city extremely well," he says. "I think that will be a big plus for The Press -- and for me."
The New York Times  |  08-13-2007  8:22 am  |  Industry News

Four Months In, Tony Ortega Discusses the State of The Village Voicenew

The editor tells MediaBistro he's most proud of bringing "a newsier focus to the front of the book" and the addition of a metro column by Tom Robbins. Though the early '07 storyline painted the Voice as a newspaper rife with inner turmoil and conflict, Ortega says that wasn't what he saw when he arrived. "I didn't find tumult so much as a group of people wanting to end the distractions and simply put out a newspaper," he says. "Those first few weeks were busy, but almost right away we were focused on the things that matter, like developing good stories." He also says that he -- like others at the AAN Convention last month -- remains "cautiously optimistic" about the future of the alt-weekly. "The dailies, after all, are being told by consultants to go free, increase local coverage, and write with some attitude -- all things we're already doing," he says.
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Village Voice Adds M.I.A. and Others to Siren Music Festival Lineup

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2007 Village Voice Obie Award Winners Announcednew

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Michael Musto Meets Keith Olbermann ... Finally!new

After talking pop culture on MSNBC's Countdown from a remote location for four years, the Village Voice columnist got to meet Olbermann in the flesh last week when the TV news anchor was awarded the first annual Molly Ivins Award by AAN. "The patron saint of skeptical liberals turned out to be as appealing as he is on the tube," he says in his La Dolce Musto column.
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Rudy Giuliani Says Village Voice Reporter is 'Obsessed' With Himnew

In response to last week's Voice cover story, which raised questions about whether the presidential candidate's four New York Yankees World Series rings were obtained in a legal and ethical manner, Giuliani told an Alabama crowd that Wayne Barrett "sticks pins in a doll of me every night" and "almost never gets his facts right." The story quoted appraisers who approximated the rings' value at $200,000, while Giuliani only paid $16,000 for them. More importantly, the article called into question the timing of the deals, alleging that he received them while still mayor -- a violation of law that could still be prosecuted. The Voice's allegations, which Giuliani says are "totally untrue," have sparked a new round of criticism of his administration, especially given his last-minute approval of a $400 million new stadium for the Yankees.
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52nd Annual Village Voice Obie Awards Announces Hosts & Presenters

The May 21 ceremony will be at the Skirball Center for the Performing Arts, New York University (FULL STORY)
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Veteran Newsday Investigative Reporter Hired by Village Voicenew

Graham Rayman will join the Voice staff as staff reporter on May 14, according to an email sent to the paper's staff by new editor Tony Ortega. Rayman racked up many journalism awards during his 11-year tenure at Newsday, and was a member of the paper's 1997 and 2004 Pulitzer Prize finalist teams.
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The Village Voice’s Backpage.com Streamlines Sitenew

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