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Wayne Barrett Celebrates 30 Years at The Village Voice

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The Village Voice First Annual 'Choice Eats' Event Set for March 11

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Michael Musto Joins the Blogosphere

The Village Voice columnist, called "one of the wittiest stylists in the English language" by UPI, launched "La Daily Musto" yesterday. The blog is designed to compliment his weekly "La Dolce Musto" column. Musto tells New York magazine that he'll write one post a day. "I'm really nervous about finding things to write about," he says. (FULL STORY)
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Nat Hentoff Celebrates 50 Years at the Village Voice

"Hentoff began writing a regular media and civil rights column for the Voice on January 8, 1958, and is still going strong," according to a press release. To celebrate, the paper is running two special features on the columnist. In the first, Allen Barra remembers when, in the midst of "a typical internecine squabble" in the late '80s, he took a cheap shot at Hentoff via a letter to the editor. Hentoff's response was to give Barra a Pee Wee Russell album with a note saying: "Listen to this. It might clear your head out." Barra writes: "Instead of jumping into the argument with pettiness and personal acrimony, he sought to create a dialogue with reason, tolerance, and jazz. What can you do with a guy like that?" In a companion feature, the Voice is running nearly 6,000 words of "Nat Hentoff's Greatest Hits," excerpts from half a century of columns. (FULL STORY)
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Keith Olbermann Channels Bill O'Reilly, via Tom Tomorrownew

Taking a page from New York Mayor Fiorella LaGuardia, who famously read comics on the radio during the city's 1945 newspaper strike, Olbermann last week read a two-page Tom Tomorrow cartoon from The Village Voice out loud on Countdown. The comic, "Bill O'Reilly's Very Useful Advice for Young People, as Channeled by Vile Left-Wing Smear Merchant Tom Tomorrow," features 16 helpful hints for the "young generation." As far as we know, this is the only time the first-ever recipient of AAN's Molly Ivins Award has had the opportunity to reference his own penis size on air.

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Deborah Jowitt Celebrates 40 Years At The Village Voice

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Village Voice Reporter Tom Robbins Talks About Upending Mob Trialnew

Earlier this month, 10-year-old interview tapes that Robbins still had derailed the trial of Lindley DeVecchio, a former FBI agent accused of helping the mob commit murder. With the dust now settled, he talks to the Brooklyn Paper about what it felt like to be on the other side of a news story. "A reporter has got no business being a part of a news story, but sometimes you get dragged in kicking and screaming and that’s what happened here. I had no idea that my tapes were going to be the knockout punch for this case," he says. "I didn't much like being a part of the story, but I didn't know any way out of it either."
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The 53rd Annual Village Voice Obie Awards Announce Judges

Awards honor Off-Broadway and Off-Off Broadway Productions (FULL STORY)
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Norman Mailer, Co-Founder of The Village Voice, Diesnew

Mailer, who started the country's first alt-weekly with Daniel Wolf and Edwin Fancher in 1955, died early Saturday in Manhattan. He was 84. After he finished his third novel, Mailer put up $10,000 to launch the new weekly and came up with the name, the Voice reports. "Though Mailer wanted the paper to be 'outrageous' and 'give a little speed to that moral and sexual revolution which is yet to come upon us,' his partners, he said, were more interested in making it a successful, established venture," according to the Voice. He soon started writing a column in the paper, only to quit the paper four months later because he said there were typographical errors in his column. For more reflections on Mailer from around the world, visit Google News.
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Veteran Village Voice Photographer Diesnew

Fred W. McDarrah died in his sleep at home in New York City early Tuesday morning. He was 81. "Over a 50-year span, McDarrah documented the rise of the Beat Generation, the city’s postmodern art movement, its off-off-Broadway actors, troubadours, politicians, agitators and social protests," the Voice reports. "He was really what I would call a reporter photographer," Voice writer Nat Hentoff tells the New York Sun. "Nobody could intimidate him." McDarrah was an enduring presence at the paper, remaining on the Voice masthead as a consulting editor to this day. "He was constantly sending suggestions," editor Tony Ortega tells the Associated Press.
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Village Voice Writer's Tapes Put Confidentiality in the Spotlightnew

As we mentioned yesterday, Tom Robbins' decision to make public the tapes that led to the dismissal of a FBI mob trial was not an easy one for him to make. In today's New York Times, he explains further his decision to break his pledge of confidentiality to star witness Linda Schiro. He tells the Times he came forward, rather than his colleague Jerry Capeci, because Capeci's entire career hinges on writing about the mob. "I don't face the same kind of jeopardy," Robbins says. "Jerry spends his life reporting on people who commit murders. The last thing in the world he wants to do is to be brought to the stand and asked about his sources." Capeci says the pair felt comfortable breaking their pledge of confidentiality since Schiro had broken it herself by testifying. "It wasn't a question of hurting her by violating the confidentiality," he says. "She had already discussed the material that she told us in confidence."
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Village Voice Reporter's Tapes Derail FBI Mob Trialnew

Prosecutors and defense lawyers met yesterday with the Voice's Tom Robbins to listen to his taped interviews that brought into question the testimony of the star witness in the trial of Lindley DeVecchio, a former FBI agent accused of helping the mob commit murder. By the end of the day, prosecutors said the recordings gave them no choice but to drop the case, the New York Times reports. Robbins, who had interviewed Linda Schiro in 1997, says he struggled with the decision to make the tapes available. "Tell me what else I could have done?" Robbins asks the Daily News. "If you sit silent, then someone could go to jail for life. I chose not to live with that." UPDATE: The Voice has digitized the tapes and made the files available online.
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Village Voice Staff Writer Subpoenaed in Mob Trialnew

Lawyers for both the defense and prosecution subpoenaed Tom Robbins Tuesday night after the Voice published his story that questions key testimony of a star witness against Lindley DeVecchio, a former FBI agent accused of helping the mob commit murder, the Voice reports. Robbins reported to court this morning with his notes and his lawyer. In 1997, he interviewed Linda Schiro, the former companion of Greg "the Grim Reaper" Scarpa. In those interviews, Schiro contradicted testimony she's given in this trial, when she said DeVecchio had a hand in four mob murders. "The story that Linda Schiro told us in three of four of the murders is diametrically opposed to the testimony she is giving in court," Robbins tells the Daily News. "She's lying to somebody."
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The Village Voice Unleashes Roller Disco Zombies Upon New York City

Serve as Opening Float at Annual Village Halloween Parade;
Voice is Exclusive Print Sponsor;
Hotline and Website Set Up to Distribute Latest Info to Public (FULL STORY)
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