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The Portland Mercury: Now Distributing Their Papers by Bicycle!

The Portland Mercury has switched from a van delivery system on some routes to using customized "Icicle Tricycle Cargo Bikes." (FULL STORY)
The Portland Mercury  |  11-01-2013  1:30 pm  |  Press Releases

Portland Mercury Redesign Flows Like 'Melted Velvet Tiger Jizz'new

"The editorial pages were originally designed for reading in dark 1990's grunge bars," explains art director Justin "Scrappers" Morrison.
Portland Mercury  |  11-26-2012  11:50 am  |  Industry News

Portland Mercury Publishes 'Queer Wedding Guide'new

Putting a twist on its annual Queer Guide, The Portland Mercury says "it's simply a matter of time" before same-sex marriage is legal, so it's time to start planning.
The Portland Mercury  |  06-19-2012  5:38 pm  |  Industry News

The Big Deal: How Alts Are Responding to the Online Coupon Trend

A new day, a new daily deal site; Groupon, LivingSocial, BuyWithMe, Woot -- and probably 15 more since the start of this sentence. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  08-11-2011  11:00 am  |  Industry News

Tsunami-Inspired Cover Evolves Into Benefit Art Show for Japannew

Portland Mercury art director Justin "Scrappers" Morrison is organizing a benefit show with local artists to raise money for Surfrider Foundation Japan.
The Portland Mercury  |  03-18-2011  4:28 pm  |  Honors & Achievements

Man Tattoos Portland Mercury Logo On Selfnew

A man described only as "the Mercury's sales manager's fishing buddy" volunteered to tramp-stamp the Portland Mercury logo on himself.
Portland Mercury  |  02-04-2011  1:12 pm  |  Honors & Achievements

Portland Mercury and Maui Time Weekly Unitenew

Portland Mercury art director Justin "Scrappers" Morrison enjoys working for other AAN papers during his downtime.
Scrapperstown.com  |  10-26-2010  9:47 am  |  Industry News  |  Comments (1)

Six Alt-Weeklies Pick Up Regional SPJ Awardsnew

The Society of Professional Journalists' Pacific Northwest Excellence in Journalism competition, unlike many others, features its own alt-weekly division, which pits publications from Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho and Montana against each other. This year, the Pacific Northwest Inlander led the pack with 13 total awards -- six of which were first-place finishes. Five of the Willamette Week's nine total awards were in first place, and Seattle Weekly won 13 total awards and three firsts. The Missoula Independent won five awards, with two first-place wins. The Eugene Weekly won five awards and the Portland Mercury won one.
Society of Professional Journalists Region 10 (PDF)  |  05-26-2010  8:53 am  |  Honors & Achievements

Portland Mercury Turns 10new

On June 5, the Mercury is throwing an anniversary party to celebrate, as Ezra Caraeff puts it, "a decade of lowering the local journalism bar -- and single handedly ruining the print industry."
Portland Mercury  |  05-07-2010  7:37 am  |  Honors & Achievements

Portland Mercury Readers' Ideas Fuel Bizarre Covernew

Plenty of alt-weeklies have creative covers; some say it's a staple of the genre. But the most recent Portland Mercury cover might be one of the flat-out weirdest we've ever seen: it features an illustration by Andrew Zubko of Betty White, holding a flaming chainsaw, riding John Ritter. This end result sprang from a web poll the paper ran last month to see what readers wanted. (What, no Mercury readers wanted to see Urkel brandishing a kitten atop a dinosaur version of Tim "Tool Time" Taylor?) Gawker calls the cover a "slightly insane, slightly amazing pop-culture mindfuck."
Portland Mercury  |  04-19-2010  9:33 am  |  Industry News

Portland Mayor Decides Not to Resignnew

One week after Sam Adams first admitted to Willamette Week that he had sex with an 18-year-old legislative intern and then lied about it, the newly elected mayor says he'll be going back to work today. MORE ADAMS: The Portland Mercury argued this weekend that Adams should stay; the Oregonian wonders if Portland can move on; and the New York Times looks at a city in "turmoil."
Willamette Week  |  01-26-2009  9:12 am  |  Industry News

Willamette Week Breaks Story of Mayor's Relationship with Teennew

On Monday, the paper published Nigel Jaquiss' expose revealing that Portland Mayor Sam Adams, contrary to his earlier denials, confessed to having had a sexual relationship with 18-year-old Beau Breedlove in 2005. Adams, who was sworn in as Portland's first openly gay mayor on Jan. 1, apologized yesterday for lying and for forcing Breedlove to lie. Also caught up in the City Hall scandal is the Portland Mercury, which was pursuing the story along with WW. Former news editor Amy J. Ruiz was one of two Mercury writers working on the story; subsequently, Adams hired her to be his planning and sustainability policy adviser. "It never crossed my mind that [Adams] might have hired me to keep me quiet," Ruiz says. Adams says Ruiz earned the position on merit. "Amy was hired because of her smarts," he says. Meanwhile, Mercury editor Wm. Steven Humphrey says that the paper didn't sit on the story, but merely lost the race to the finish line to Jaquiss.
The Associated Press | Willamette Week | The Portland Mercury  |  01-21-2009  1:04 pm  |  Industry News

Oregon Dems Now Team Up with The Portland Mercurynew

The Mercury is the new co-sponsor of an inauguration party with the Oregon Democratic Party, a few weeks after the Willamette Week backed out of the gig, citing journalistic ethics. "We're an alternative paper and we make a promise that we're going to be accurate and fair," Mercury editor Wm. Steven Humphrey tells the Oregonian. "So if the Republicans ever manage to elect an awesome president, we'll sponsor their party too." On the Mercury's blog, Humphrey puts it this way: "Anyone who thinks it's unethical can stay home."
The Oregonian | The Portland Mercury  |  01-07-2009  1:26 pm  |  Industry News

Portland Mercury News Editor Heads to City Hallnew

Amy J. Ruiz is leaving the paper to become incoming Portland Mayor Sam Adams' new Strategic Planning and Sustainability Policy Advisor. After congratulating Ruiz, editor Wm. Steven Humphrey gives a message to Adams. "If you think purchasing our employees is going to stop the Mercury from dogging your every decision and step, you are horribly mistaken," he writes. "In fact, our next news hire will make you wish you'd never been born -- in a fair and accurate way, of course."
The Portland Mercury  |  12-24-2008  9:26 am  |  Industry News

Portland Mercury Spoof Cover Draws Letter from National Geographicnew

For the paper's Halloween issue, the Mercury ran a cover disguising itself as an issue of National Geographic, which has trademarked its yellow-banded cover design. This week editor Steve Humphrey says he received a letter from National Geographic's executive vice president that proves "not everybody in the world is a humorless dick." The letter said the magazine's first instinct in similar cases is to issue a cease-and-desist letter, but it recognized that the Mercury cover "was not malicious appropriation, but all in good fun." The letter also urged the Mercury to encourage its readers to buy subscriptions to National Geographic.
The Porland Mercury  |  12-19-2008  2:54 pm  |  Industry News