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The Athens NEWS Announces New Publishernew

Jane Means has taken over as publisher for The Athens NEWS. Bruce Mitchell, who has led the paper for 35 years, will remain as CEO.
The Athens NEWS  |  01-03-2012  3:41 pm  |  Industry News

Ten AAN Members That Bucked the Trends and Grew in '08new

In the old days, when the media reported on problems in the newspaper industry, alternative newspapers weren't included. But alt-weeklies are immune no longer: In 2008, many AAN papers faced some of the same issues afflicting their mainstream brethren in the print media. However, you can still find alt-weeklies that had a pretty good year in 2008. That's just what AAN's editor Jon Whiten did, and he reports on 10 papers that increased revenue in a story published by Editor & Publisher.
Editor & Publisher  |  01-28-2009  1:42 pm  |  Industry News

Ohio Weeklies Team up on State Candidates

Three AAN members in the Buckeye State recently collaborated on election coverage so each could benefit from the others' insight into their "hometown" candidates. In profiles that were published in successive months in all three papers, Cincinnati CityBeat wrote about Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell (pictured); Cleveland Free Times examined Democratic Senate candidate Sherrod Brown; and The Athens NEWS took a close look at Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ted Strickland. CityBeat editor John Fox talks about how and why he and his fellow editors pooled their resources. (FULL STORY)
10-25-2006  1:31 pm  |  Industry News

Athens NEWS Helps Steer OU Athletics Back on Track

The athletics department of Ohio University is trying to turn over a new public leaf after articles in The Athens NEWS and Columbus Dispatch have exposed the legal problems of several student athletes as well as some of the department's staffers, the NEWS reports. The department is revising discipline policies and redoubling efforts to focus on academics for athletes. NEWS articles over the past year and a half have covered a bar fight, alleged drunk driving and horse-punching by staffers and students.
10-24-2006  4:24 pm  |  Industry News

Let's Avoid Indiscriminate Retaliationnew

Athens News  |  09-14-2001  1:38 pm  | 

International Paper Buys Donated Ad

With IP Full-Pager, AAN Inventory Sold Out For FY 99. (FULL STORY)
AAN Staff  |  12-29-1998  11:52 am  |  Industry News