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Longtime Chico News & Review Editor Robert Speer Retiresnew

Speer co-founded Chico News & Review in 1977 and has served the paper in various capacities for over 30 years.
News & Review  |  05-28-2013  3:40 pm  |  Industry News

CNPA Honors Nine AAN Publications

Palo Alto Weekly picked up the coveted general excellence award from the California Newspaper Publishers Association. (FULL STORY)
CNPA  |  05-06-2013  1:35 pm  |  Honors & Achievements

Eight Alt-Weeklies Honored in CNPA Awardsnew

San Francisco Bay Guardian picked up the coveted General Excellence award from the California Newspaper Publishers Association. Palo Alto Weekly led all alt-weeklies with ten awards.
California Newspaper Publishers Association  |  04-22-2011  5:31 pm  |  Honors & Achievements

Nine California AAN Members Take Home State Press Awardsnew

The California Newspaper Publishers Association recently gave out 480 first and second place awards in its 2009 Better Newspapers contest, and nine alt-weeklies received at least one. The Sacramento News & Review won ten awards, including firsts for Public Service, Columns, Sports Story, Front Page, Freedom of Information. SF Weekly won seven awards, including first-place finishes for Writing, Investigative/Enterprise Reporting and Environmental/Ag Resource Reporting. The North Coast Journal won six awards, including firsts in the Writing, Local News Coverage, Business/Financial Story and Environmental/Ag Resource Reporting categories. Palo Alto Weekly took home five awards -- all first-place wins -- in the Editorial Comment, Local News Coverage, Sports Coverage, Feature Photo, Best Website and General Excellence categories. Chico News & Review won two awards, both firsts, for Editorial Pages and Special Issue. Pacific Sun also took home two awards, both firsts, for Feature Story and Lifestyle Coverage. Metro Silicon Valley, Pasadena Weekly and the San Francisco Bay Guardian each took home one award.
California Newspaper Publishers Association  |  04-26-2010  11:14 am  |  Honors & Achievements

Chico News & Review Launches Monthly Business Publicationnew

The publication will spotlight a different segment of the local economy each month, and its title will change accordingly. The inaugural issue is Shop Local; Stay Local, Dine Local and Eat Local are among the subsequent issues being planned. "Community spirit runs high where the CN&R is read. Neighbors support neighbors," editor Evan Tuchinsky writes. "The Shop Local movement is an extension of that spirit, something the News & Review wants to encourage."
Chico News & Review  |  05-28-2009  8:58 am  |  Industry News

California Alt-Weeklies Take Home Dozens of State Awardsnew

The California Newspaper Publishers Association announced the winners of its annual Better Newspapers Contest on Saturday, and nine AAN members won a total of 38 awards. The Sacramento News & Review won a total of nine awards, five of which were first-place finishes, including a General Excellence win. "The News & Review is a salty and irreverent weekly packed with excellent coverage of news and culture, multiple voices in columns and two pages of letters," the judges wrote. "Its colorful design is inviting and, praises to the sales department, it is packed with ads." In addition, Palo Alto Weekly also won nine total awards; the North Coast Journal won eight; Chico News & Review won four; the San Francisco Bay Guardian won three; Metro Silicon Valley won two; and the Pacific Sun, Pasadena Weekly and SF Weekly each took home one award. CORRECTION: The Santa Barbara Independent also won five awards.
California Newspaper Publishers Association (pdf)  |  10-27-2008  9:09 am  |  Honors & Achievements

The Chico Beat Ceases Publicationnew

The Beat, a tabloid-style weekly launched by former News & Review editors Tom Gascoyne and Josh Indar in August 2006, announced last week that it was shutting down. "The paper tried to fill a niche to the political left of the [Chico News & Review] but never caught on with advertisers," the News & Review reports.
Chico News & Review  |  09-11-2008  8:43 am  |  Industry News

Adding Online Video to the Sales Toolkit

In November, the Sacramento News & Review launched its Face to Face Video Ad project. The ads, which have also been rolled out at the company's paper in Chico and will soon hit its Reno paper, are serious, in-depth recorded interviews with vendors about their products and services. News & Review president and CEO Jeff von Kaenel says the idea was inspired by a vacation to India with his teenage daughter, who was shooting and editing video of the trip. "The video technology had gotten so easy to use," he says, it got him thinking about how the paper could take advantage of the technological leaps. So far, the initial reaction to the project has been promising, according to Susan Cooper, sales development manager at the Sacramento paper. In this Q&A with AAN News, she talks in more detail about the project. (FULL STORY)
AAN News  |  01-28-2008  8:47 am  |  Industry News

Chico News & Review Turns 30, Outs Longtime Film Criticnew

"On Aug. 30, 1977, when the staff of the Chico News & Review published their first issue, they didn't have much time to reflect on the impossibility of the endeavor," the News & Review staff writes. "Had they stopped to think about it and been reasonable people, they might have given up on the spot. The odds were against them." As part of the paper's special anniversary package, the News & Review also reveals the true identity of film reviewer "Juan-Carlos Selznick," who has been writing for 29 of the paper's 30 years -- he's actually local English professor Pete Hogue.
Chico News & Review  |  07-19-2007  11:10 am  |  Industry News

California Alt-Weeklies Win a Slew of 'Better Newspapers' Awardsnew

AAN members won 15 first-place awards in the California Association of Newspaper Publishers' annual contest, led by Palo Alto Weekly, which took home five firsts. Chico News & Review placed first in in three categories; Pacific Sun won two; and Metro Santa Cruz, North Coast Journal, Sacramento News & Review, San Francisco Bay Guardian, and the Santa Barbara Independent each finished in first in one category. The awards were presented in a ceremony Saturday evening.
California Association of Newspaper Publishers (PDF file)  |  07-16-2007  8:54 am  |  Honors & Achievements

Former Chico News & Review Editor Launches Competing Papernew

Tom Gascoyne, who resigned from CN&R in March after 11 years with the paper, has a new biweekly publication called The Chico Beat. According to his column in the inaugural issue, the paper has an initial print run of 10,000 copies. "Here's how it happened. Two out-of-work journalists stumbled across a generous offer they couldn't refuse and the rest is history," Gascoyne writes. The other unemployed journalist is award-winning reporter Josh Indar, who also used to work for CN&R. Without mentioning his former employer by name, Gascoyne adds, "That paper, by the way, is a fine paper, has always been a fine paper and will continue to be a fine paper -- just different."
The Chico Beat  |  08-28-2006  2:25 pm  |  Industry News

Chico News & Review Editor Resignsnew

Tom Gascoyne is ending his 11-year tenure at CN&R, he announced in his regular column yesterday. Gascoyne jokes that he was "scooped" by the Chico Enterprise Record, which published a front-page story on his resignation. ("Talk about your slow news days," he says.) Gascoyne told AAN that he has "become sort of disenchanted with the game. While we try, as a wiser newspaper person once said, to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable, in the end it is the comfortable who buy all the advertising."
Chico News & Review  |  03-03-2006  11:50 am  |  Industry News

University Pulls Chico News & Review from Orientation Packetsnew

Chico State University won't distribute the paper's "Goin' Chico" edition (pictured) to incoming students because of an article, "The Party Rules," that one school official calls "really hurtful." Officials deny physically removing copies of the paper from racks, but News & Review editor Tom Gascoyne says the school "grabbed 5,000 issues and put them in a room." Gascoyne describes the article as "a satire and sort of a cautionary tale" about the school's drinking culture.
Chico Enterprise-Record  |  06-29-2005  4:09 pm  |  Industry News