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Maui Police Discover Google, Drop Subpoena Against Maui Timenew

With little fanfare, the County of Maui has withdrawn the subpoena for all IP addresses in a 24-hour period of online commenters for an April Maui Time story.
mauifeed.com  |  06-27-2011  12:32 pm  |  Legal News

The Media Oxpecker: Gannett's Tide of Red Ink Spares No Victims

This week: Gannett lays off 700 employees and shutters money-losing alt-weekly wannabes. AOL considers charging users for content. And get ready for the "Reverse Groupon." (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  06-24-2011  4:31 pm  |  Media Roundup

Did Matt Taibbi Lift Material From City Pages?new

Matt Taibbi's recent piece on Michele Bachmann is giving the City Pages (Twin Cities) staff a case of deja vu.
City Pages (Twin Cities)  |  06-24-2011  12:58 am  |  Industry News

Long Island Press Wins Top Honors at SPJ

The Long Island Press racked up 22 total prizes at the 2011 Society of Professional Journalists’ Press Club of Long Island Media Awards. (FULL STORY)
Long Island Press  |  06-23-2011  4:01 pm  |  Press Releases

Publishing Resource 'Local Media Insider' Recommends Forkfly vs. Groupon Now

The Forkfly business model of forming partnerships with publishers to increase advertising revenue and consumer spending through the use of social deals catches the eye of discerning tech media insiders. (FULL STORY)
ForkFly  |  06-23-2011  1:06 pm  |  Press Releases

Best of the West 2011 Honors Seven Altsnew

The recent Best of the West journalism contest honored several alt-weeklies, including the Houston Press, Phoenix New Times, SF Weekly and Denver's Westword, which each picked up first-place honors.
The Best of the West  |  06-22-2011  4:06 pm  |  Honors & Achievements

Postmedia Community Publishing Sees Ten-Fold Revenue Jump With New AdPerfect-Powered Classified Site

Postmedia Community Publishing sees revenue quickly increase upon launching AdPerfect’s Classified Marketplace Solutions across all twelve community newspapers. (FULL STORY)
AdPerfect  |  06-21-2011  5:36 pm  |  Press Releases

Singer Cee-Lo Green (Sort Of ) Apologizes for Calling City Pages Music Critic "Gay"new

Singer Cee-Lo Green became another example of a celebrity getting caught up in complications through the simplicity of Twitter.
New York Daily News  |  06-20-2011  3:26 pm  |  Industry News

The Media Oxpecker: Why Groupon Will Collapse Upon Itself

Why is Groupon promoting Alcatraz tours that don't exist? What search engine are The Youngs favoring this week? And why does Newsweek have four weeks of darkness planned for this summer? READ ON! (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  06-17-2011  12:55 pm  |  Media Roundup

The Shuffle: Tales From A Promiscuous Labor Pool

As the official start of summer approaches, mastheads across AAN Nation have undergone plenty of change over the past three months. Here's your handy guide to who's in, and who's out, for now. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  06-17-2011  5:00 pm  |  Industry News

Summer Book Week: The Stranger-Than-Fiction Senate Candidacy of South Carolina's Alvin Greene

Current and former Columbia Free Times staff writers Corey Hutchins and David Axe team up to produce a black-and-white graphic novel on the bizarre rise and fall of Alvin Greene. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  06-14-2011  5:22 pm  |  Industry News

The Media Oxpecker: How Long Will the AOL/HuffPo Cash Spigot Stay Open?

Can AOL's Tim Armstrong continue to "make it rain" for Arianna? Does using "Read It Later" apps constitute theft?? And who has Groupon offended this week??? READ ON. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  06-10-2011  2:24 pm  |  Media Roundup

TK Next Week: Summer Books, The Shuffle and More NOLA Updates

A mini-preview of what we have in store next week on AltWeeklies.com. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  06-09-2011  2:41 pm  |  Association News

2011 Annual Convention Attendance Expected to Reach 4-Year High

Registrations are continuing to pour in for the AAN Convention in New Orleans, with attendance to the 34th annual convention set to reach a level not seen since 2007. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  06-06-2011  1:39 pm  |  Association News

The Media Oxpecker: We Won't Have Keller To Kick Around Anymore

PBS gets hacked, Groupon and Expedia join in an unholy alliance, and the originator of the phrase "media oxpecker" rides off into the nostalgic sunset. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  06-03-2011  4:08 pm  |  Media Roundup